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Students in Technical Sciences"> https://doaj.org/article/fb0fdf8c8f14438ba049d15c6ca2a9c0 - DOAJ, 2017 Aut... tomated control system ROBOCOP"> https://doaj.org/article/c38c995810b04c95be51156bde966955 - DOAJ, 2015 Aut... n of Telecommunications System"> https://doaj.org/article/ff8e8cf4dd9545eeb6143e839e0f56c4 - DOAJ, 2012 Aut... charest Subway System (Part 2)"> https://doaj.org/article/9cb22b9cfbe149309ced60d113decdcb - DOAJ, 2011 Aut
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- Covers two areas, with information available at article level: [[http://www.nhs.uk/planners/nhshealthchec... ble in RSS and XML formats (the feed is broken down according to topics or you can search by article date)
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ds with your coworkers to tracking research on an article you're writing, Turtl keeps it all safe from ever
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eases - http://distrowatch.com/dwres.php?resource=article-search {{rss>https://distrowatch.com/news/headli
Disturbances in the Power Supply Network of Bucharest Subway System (Part 2): 1 Accese
00%,800px >wiki:pdf:tvol3nr2art.11.pdf}} Source: https://doaj.org/article/9cb22b9cfbe149309ced60d113decdcb
Disturbances in the Power Supply Network of Bucharest Subway System (Part 1)   1 Accese
00%,800px >wiki:pdf:tvol3nr1art.12.pdf}} Source: https://doaj.org/article/2039466a5a4b4d44b5818dd0eb4ae4d4
Power Line Communication (PLC) Overview   1 Accese
100%,800px >wiki:pdf:tvol2nr1art.4.pdf}} Source: https://doaj.org/article/9cd7b477ace4403c87bb9cc4602a8055
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0d5fad3be9710d0c4f4a69c Source: https://doaj.org/article/59cdcbf8a9d34307a0d3ae740ce2a669 (([[https://web.
Electromagnetic Compatibility Design of Telecommunications System   1 Accese
100%,800px >wiki:pdf:tvol4nr1art.3.pdf}} Source: https://doaj.org/article/ff8e8cf4dd9545eeb6143e839e0f56c4
Types of Meta-Communicative Addressing in the Relationship of creative training Professor – Students in Technical Sciences   1 Accese
100%,800px >wiki:pdf:tvol9nr1art.2.pdf}} Source: https://doaj.org/article/fb0fdf8c8f14438ba049d15c6ca2a9c0
Making an automated control system ROBOCOP   1 Accese
100%,800px >wiki:pdf:tvol7nr1art.8.pdf}} Source: https://doaj.org/article/c38c995810b04c95be51156bde966955
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