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Zero Install   706 Accese
tems. It is fully Open Source. -- http://0install.net {{rss>http://roscidus.com/0mirror//news-feed.xml... urce, easy to use, managed library which enables .NET/Mono applications to take full advantage of the O... | | | [[google>Freetype2]] | | http://0install.net/2006/3rd-party/Freetype2.xml | | | [[google>GDC]] | | http://0install.net/2006/3rd-party/GDC.xml | | | [[google>Inkscape]]
eos-diagnostic-180527_232533_UTC+0300.txt: 135 Accese
-15-10-11-00 IdLabel: Digi Net Mobil IdType: iso9660 ... /dev/disk/by-label/Digi\x20Net\x20Mobil /dev/dis... MountPoints: /run/media/sandamarina/Digi Net Mobil /org/freedesktop/UDisks2/block_devices/zra... xec,relatime,perf_event) cgroup on /sys/fs/cgroup/net_cls,net_prio type cgroup (rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,
flatpak remote-ls --app: 84 Accese
com.endlessm.bola_net.id com.endlessm.cel... thub.Supertux net.blockout.Blockout2 net.gcompris.Gcompris net.olofson.Kobodeluxe
Flatpak: 54 Accese
itor for the 21st Century | | flathub, eos-apps | net.sourceforge.atanks | [[http://atanks.sourceforge.net/|Atomic Tanks]] | Games | Bring friends and famil... ]] | | Record and edit audio files | | flathub | net.mediaarea.AVIMetaEdit | [[https://mediaarea.net/AVIMetaEdit|AVI MetaEdit]] | Multimedia | Embed, valid
flatpak list: 44 Accese
ent/x86_64/stable system,current net.blockout.Blockout2/x86_64/eos3 system,current net.gcompris.Gcompris/x86_64/eos3 system,current net.minetest.Minetest/x86_64/eos3 system,current net.olofson.Kobodeluxe/x86_64/eos3
flatpak update: 36 Accese
arning: Can't find dependencies: No entry for app/net.minetest.Minetest/x86_64/eos3 in remote summary f... /eos3' in remote eos-apps Error: Failed to update net.minetest.Minetest/x86_64/eos3: No such ref 'app/net.minetest.Minetest/x86_64/eos3' in remote eos-apps ... able flathub Show weather conditions and forecast net.sourceforge.atanks stable flathub
DEB packages for Education: 28 Accese
eză | | Matematică | [[http://freemat.sourceforge.net/|FreeMat]] | | FreeMat este un mediu de calcul n... | Engleză | | Matematică | [[https://sourceforge.net/projects/geophar/|Geophar]] | | Geophar este des... leză | | Fizică | [[http://lightspeed.sourceforge.net/|Light Speed]] | | Light Speed este un program b... | GPL | Engleză | | Biologie | [[http://gwyddion.net/|Gwyddion]] | | Gwyddion este un program modular
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Computers, Software, & Programming: 7 Accese
rs, Software, & Programming ====== VideoLectures.NET (Computer Science) http://videolectures.net/Top/Computer_Science/ A free and open access educational v... . Dream.In.Code Tutorials http://www.dreamincode.net/forums/forum/78-programming-tutorials/ Lots of co... all your tutorial needs http://www.tutorialguide.net/ Codecademy - Fun & interactive way to learn how
Granturi/proiecte câștigate prin competiție: 6 Accese
tru Calificările Profesionale din România (IMI PQ NET România)]] Contract: POSDRU/93/3.3/S/53132 ((htt... tru Calificările Profesionale din Romȃnia (IMI PQ NET), creată prin proiectul IMI PQ NET România, în scopul susţinerii iniţiativei Comisiei Europene privind... .ro/imipqnet/ - [[https://www.facebook.com/IMI-PQ-NET-Romania-140695199335268/|Facebook: IMI PQ NET Rom
Science & Math: 4 Accese
math, physics, and more http://www.educatedearth.net/ The Science Network - Videos about science meet... ses provided free by UMass Boston. VideoLectures.NET (Mathematics) http://videolectures.net/Top/Mathematics/ A free and open access educational video lectu... math. Free-Ed College Mathematics http://free-ed.net/free-ed/Navigation/Level01/Level02/02_09%20Mathem
flatpak uninstall: 4 Accese
tentionally partial Locale commit flathub:runtime/net.minetest.Minetest.Locale/x86_64/stable 18932eac7b... code> alexandruionut@endless:~$ flatpak uninstall net.minetest.Minetest Uninstalling: net.minetest.Minetest/x86_64/stable Uninstalling: net.minetest.Minetest.Locale/x86_64/stable </code> <cod
Formatting Syntax: 4 Accese
s|images]] (see below) like this: [[http://php.net|{{wiki:dokuwiki-128.png}}]] [[http://php.net|{{wiki:dokuwiki-128.png}}]] Please note: The image form... } Resized external image: {{http://php.net/images/php.gif?200x50}} Real size: ... Resized external image: {{http://php.net/images/php.gif?200x50}} By using left or right
Business, Economics, Finance, & Investing   3 Accese
take only 30 minutes to complete. VideoLectures.NET (Business) http://videolectures.net/Top/Business/ A free and open access educational video lectures re... els, and theories http://www.valuebasedmanagement.net/ Ludwig von Mises Institute - Austrian economics
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Fluke   2 Accese
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IMI PQ NET Romania   2 Accese
Infografice   2 Accese
NHS Choices: Behind the headlines - Syndicated content powered by PageMon.net   2 Accese
TurnKey GNU/Linux   2 Accese
Future Timeline   2 Accese
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Dilbert Daily Strip   1 Accese
Hidroelectrica   1 Accese
NHS Choices: News - Behind the Headlines   1 Accese
NHS Choices: Find services   1 Accese
NHS Choices: Behind the headlines   1 Accese
Ce sunt Fractalii?   1 Accese
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