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| Transelectrica [[http://www.transelectrica.ro/news/|Noutăți]] / [[http://www.transelectrica.ro/en/web/tel/news|News]] - [[http://www.transelectrica.ro/widget/web/tel/sen-grafic/-/SENGrafic_WAR_SENGraficportlet|SENG... ---- <btn type="danger" size="lg" block="true">[[news:power-eng|Power Engineering]]</btn> <btn type="w
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====== NHS Topics ====== [[news:nhs:topics:live-well|Live Well]] ((http://www.nhs.uk/livewell)) - information about health and lifestyle [[news:nhs:topics:health-a-z|Health A-Z]] ((http://www.n... nd comprehensive way: A-Z, Gender, and Subject [[news:nhs:topics:commenting-web-services|Commenting Web... )) - access to GP, dentist & hospital comments [[news:nhs:topics:carers-direct|Carers Direct]] ((http:/
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====== DistroWatch.com ====== > News and feature lists of Linux and BSD distributions. - http://distrow... atch.com/search.php {{rss>http://distrowatch.com/news/dw.xml 100 description date 1d}} ===== Headlines... rce=article-search {{rss>https://distrowatch.com/news/headline.xml 100 description date 1d}} ===== Pac... st package releases {{rss>http://distrowatch.com/news/dwp.xml 100 description date 1d}} > Packages Tra
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====== News Discovery ====== ===== Tech News ===== <WRAP round info> https://arstechnica.com/ - https://techcrunc... s://blog.hubspot.com/marketing </WRAP> ===== Top News & Politics ===== <WRAP round alert> http://www.bbc.com/news - https://www.nytimes.com/ - https://www.wsj.com/
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T align="center"> <btn type="primary" size="lg">[[news:nhs:widgets:behind-the-headlines|Behind the Headlines]]</btn> <btn type="info" size="lg">[[news:nhs:widgets:live-well|Live Well]]</btn> <btn type="success" size="lg">[[news:nhs:widgets:health-a-z|Health A-Z]]</btn> <btn type="warning" size="lg">[[news:nhs:widgets:find-services|Find Services]]</btn> <
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- http://www.fluke.com/fluke/sgen/community/fluke-news-plus/geek-feeds ===== Control ===== > The onlin... 660042/ 100 description date 1d}} ===== ACHR The News ===== > The News is a weekly magazine for HVACR contractors. -- https://www.achrnews.com {{rss>https:... st & Measurement World ===== > Provides industry news and information for engineers in electronics test
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g" block="true">[[playground:comics:bleeding-cool-news-and-rumors|Bleeding Cool News And Rumors]]</btn> <btn type="" size="lg" block="true">[[playground:comi... >Dilbert Blog]] | | | [[google>PvPonline]] | PvP News and Comics Feed | | [[google>What If?]] | Answeri... mend's comic strip. Your home for FoxTrot comics, news and merchandise. | | [[google>Bleeding Cool News
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nd URLs only. [[https://www.tromsite.com/goodies/news/|TROM News Search Engine]] (EN) / [[https://www.tromsite.com/goodies/news2/|TROM News Cards Search Engine]] (EN) - Automated system curating news from many sources like Facebook
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====== NHS Choices: News - Behind the Headlines ====== | [[news:nhs:topics:behind-the-headlines:feedburner|FeedBurner]] - [[news:nhs:topics:behind-the-headlines:pagemon|PageMon.net]] - [[news:nhs:topics:behind-the-headlines:rss|RSS Plugin]]
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T align="center"> <btn type="primary" size="lg">[[news:nhs:topics|NHS Topics]]</btn> <btn type="info" size="lg">[[news:nhs:widgets|NHS Widgets]]</btn> <btn type="success" size="lg">[[news:nhs:videos|NHS Videos]]</btn> <btn type="danger" size="lg">[[news:nhs:tools|NHS Tools]]</btn> </TEXT> | [[http://
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oject was launched with the mission to report the news on a wide variety of subjects. Contributors from around the world write news articles collaboratively. Reports range from original reporting and interviews to summaries of news from external sources. All reports are required t
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ary" size="lg">[[https://www.tromsite.com/goodies/news/|TROM News]]</btn> <btn type="info" size="lg">[[https://www.tromsite.com/goodies/news2/|TROM News Cards]]</btn> <btn type="success" size="lg">[[https://www.tromsite.com/goodies/videos/|TROM
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ary" size="lg">[[https://www.tromsite.com/goodies/news/|TROM News]]</btn> <btn type="info" size="lg">[[https://www.tromsite.com/goodies/news2/|TROM News Cards]]</btn> </TEXT> ~~DISCUSSION~~
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ele și initiativele din UE ==== http://europa.eu/news/index_en.htm Noutati de la institutiiloe Uniunii... ngleza, germana si franceza) http://ec.europa.eu/news/eu_explained/index_ro.htm Ştiri UE pe înţelesul t... regiuni. (in limba engleza) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world/europe/ Stiri si analize despre UE publica
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