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  • Condition monitoring benefits in hazardous industries (2022/05/22 21:07)

    Marek Lukaszczyk discusses how condition monitoring can help reduce risk and improve efficiency in hazardous industries.
  • Chemical innovator invests in automation to drive green growth (2022/05/22 20:58)

    A manufacturer of eco-friendly domestic cleaning products is forecasting 25% growth and creating new jobs after investing in a new automation technology, supported by Made Smarter.
  • Meeting demand for greater bandwidth with 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch (2022/05/22 20:50)

    Westermo has introduced a new 10Gb industrial Ethernet switch designed to meet increasing demand for greater bandwidth in mission-critical applications, enabling modern, large-scale data communication networks to transmit more information.
  • Standard challenges for IoT devices (2022/05/22 20:36)

    Industry 4.0 adoption is pushing industry towards a more automated, and sophisticated manufacturing process. As devices, systems and processes become increasingly digitalised and interconnected, the Internet of Things (IoT) opens a wealth of opportunities. However, they also present a cyberattack opportunity for criminals, warns Joe Lomako. 
  • Flexible plug-and-play conveyor platform (2022/05/22 20:32)

    With its Light Conveyor Platform (LCP), Interroll has expanded its range of products with a platform-based material-flow solution that aims to increase the productivity of manufacturing processes.
  • AI moves into the control arena (2022/05/22 20:28)

    Suzanne Gill reports on a world first project that sees AI being used to autonomously control a chemical plant for 35 consecutive days.
  • New, compact multi-axis servo drive (2022/05/22 20:18)

    Trio Motion Technology has launched a multi-axis servo drive providing precision motion coordination up to 750W for space critical, lower power machines. The new DX5 servo drive is designed to be cost effective for machine builders who need multi-axis EtherCAT performance control, and highly compact dimensions enable a small footprint. The drive also includes a regenerative energy system.
  • MES vs ERP – What’s right for your business? (2022/05/19 13:26)

    Digital Transformation experts SolutionsPT launch a campaign to show why a combined approach simplifies the value of manufacturing intelligence.
  • Robotic bottle unscrambler from POSIMAT provides a solution to constant format changes and complex designs (2022/05/19 12:41)

    POSIMAT, the Barcelona-based world leading producer of bottle handling systems, brings another innovation to the market with the POSIROBOT. This solution, developed with OMRON's Delta Quattro robots, provides a solution to constant format changes and the complex designs of some bottles. Its delicate handling means that this is a versatile, easy to use, highly flexible and super competitive solution.
  • Sandvik CRIBWISE launches white paper to help tackle cybersecurity in machine shops (2022/05/19 12:26)

    Sandvik CRIBWISE, the tooling inventory management software business, has published an in-depth white paper addressing the cybersecurity concerns of machine shops that are preventing the adoption of the latest technology, including cloud-based software.

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