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  • Skkynet DataHub service for Microsoft Azure (2021/12/01 00:18)
    Skkynet Cloud Systems Inc.'s Skkynet’s DataHub technology for secure, real-time industrial data communications is now available at Microsoft Azure Marketplace. With the DataHub service, Azure customers can securely acquire, monitor, control, consolidate and share their live process data.
  • 10 temperature, pressure resources you need to see (2021/11/30 23:05)
    From videos to white papers, a compendium of industrial temperature and pressure measurement knowledge
  • Yokogawa sees automation turning into autonomy (2021/11/30 22:37)
    Process automation can't escape the impact of software, microprocessors, Internet networking and other types of digitalization, which are already transforming it into more autonomous applications. To help end users get ahead of and take advantage of this evolution, Yokogawa staged its Y Now 2021 online event starting on Nov. 1.
  • How to keep your control system young (2021/11/29 22:54)
    As the pace of technology innovation races ever faster ahead, the notion of control system longevity is under pressure like never before. Virtualization has in some cases helped to liberate users from the short lifecycles of the general-purpose computer hardware and operating systems upon which they run, allowing the application...
  • Power grid cyber security recommendations still don’t address key grid cyber vulnerabilities (2021/11/29 05:33)

    In August 2021, DNV published DNV-RP-0575, “Recommended Practice, Cyber security for power grid protection devices”. The Recommended Practice is important as it was developed based on the results of a joint research and development project with Fingrid (Finland), Stattnet SF (Norway), and Svenska Kraftnet (Sweden) and used by T&D India following the Chinese cyberattacks. However, the NIST 800-82, NERC CIP, and the ISA IEC 62443 series of standards are public. Consequently, the DNV Recommended Practice is similar to the one issued by Mojtaba S. who is an industrial security specialist for the Electric Industry of Iran. The DNV Recommended Practice is valuable in having another set of recommendations for the OT networks and programs that serve as the front end of the electric grids’ facilities. But it’s not sufficient as the Recommended Practice does not address grid physics issues nor does it address the components that directly operate the grid. This gap can lead to critical grid vulnerabilities being exploited without adequate forensics which is unacceptable.

  • Can technology be an impediment to developing rudimentary skills? (2021/11/24 22:45)
    When you only prepare a feast once a year, serving your guests a roast that is as lovely to behold as it is to consume can be elusive. Even with Wi-Fi connected or Bluetooth capable temperature sensors strategically stabbed into the bird, we’re likely stressed about duplicating the delicacy served...
  • I/O, terminal blocks that add forms, better functions (2021/11/23 22:00)
    Improved configurations, networking and even programming expand device capabilities
  • How HART transcends physical layer constraints (2021/11/23 20:02)
    Ethernet-APL technology is an important technology milestone, enabling a new high performance paradigm of digital field communications for the process industries. But from a practical perspective, there are millions of analog 4-20 mA instruments installed around the world, and growing. No one will be tearing them out anytime soon.
  • The utilities are not addressing the cyber security that will keep lights on (2021/11/22 20:17)

    On November 16-17, 2021 the utility industry conducted its biennial grid security exercise – GridEx VI. The exercise addressed the hybridized attacks of IT and OT networks which included ransomware as well as physical security. The lack of cybersecurity in the grid’s process sensors is a common mode vulnerability that affects both situational awareness and incident response plans. Aurora is a gap in electrical grid protecting that can render the grid inoperative for 9-18 MONTHS by damaging expensive and difficult to replace machinery. It can also damage natural gas compressor stations. The Chinese hardware backdoors represents a supply chain compromise that can lead to unanalyzed grid disturbances affecting major population centers. Yet hardware supply chain issues were not addressed. Why won’t the utilities adequately address what is their most important function which is keeping the lights on?

  • HIP-PetroHemija automates turbomachinery with Schneider Electric controls (2021/11/22 19:58)
    Operators with the longtime competence and dedication necessary to manually manage complex industrial processes are priceless. But just because they've coped in the past doesn't mean they can't benefit from some assistance, automation and well-deserved peace of mind.
  • TopJob S Mini terminal block (2021/11/19 21:51)
    TopJob S Mini terminal block series includes a version for 12 AWG wires. Like the rest of the Mini family, this version shares features with the rest of Wago’s TopJob S terminal block line, but comes in at 60% smaller.
  • Platform 2022 software (2021/11/19 21:46)
    Platform 2022 software includes a newly designed user interface, improved workflows and many additional functions in connection with complementary cloud services. Overall, the new engineering software is characterized by its ease of use and high performance.
  • PM-50 panel meter (2021/11/19 21:42)
    PM-50 panel meter is available with a 3.5-in. or 4.3-in. graphical touchscreen display. Using a simple swipe, users can easily switch between relevant screens, and receive comprehensive operational data for monitoring equipment and production. Visual alerts notify users that immediate action is necessary, either on the unit itself or via...
  • New Seeq Azure Add-on (2021/11/19 21:39)
    New Seeq Azure Add-on enables process manufacturing organizations to deploy machine learning models from Azure Machine Learning as Add-ons in Seeq Workbench. The result is machine learning algorithms and innovations developed by IT departments that can be operationalized, so frontline OT employees can enhance their decision-making and improve production, sustainability...
  • aeAlarm (2021/11/19 21:36)
    aeAlarm is control system platform-agnostic, and is adaptable across all industrial sectors. It's effective for projects of all types and sizes, including small project rationalizations and large site-wide efforts. Additionally, the tool creates a platform to compile process safety information, and generates customized reports and tables to expedite data tracking...
  • KEL-ER and KEL-U cable entry frames (2021/11/19 21:33)
    Tried and tested cable entry frames KEL-ER and KEL-U with their matching KT grommets are designed for cables with connectors. For cables without plugs, KEL-DPZ cable entry plates are also available in a cleanroom version. All icotek cable entry systems for cleanrooms have been tested and certified by Fraunhofer IPA,...
  • Ability Genix asset performance management suite (2021/11/19 21:31)
    Ability Genix asset performance management suite brings next-generation, AI-based predictive maintenance, asset reliability and integrity insights to process and utility industries. Genix APM is an enterprise-grade application to monitor assets, prescribe maintenance actions, improve equipment utilization, and support lifecycle analysis and capital planning, enabling customers to reduce machine downtime by...
  • 3x6-in. (1/2-DIN) Panelicity panel controller (2021/11/19 21:26)
    3x6-in. (1/2-DIN) Panelicity panel controller features pre-defined displays, alarms, trends and standard control strategy templates. Benefits include easy installation and configuration, intuitive menu options, small footprint, and low total cost. “Panelicity simplifies controlling one or two control loops through easy configuration, installation and operation,”, says Fritz Ruebeck, CEO of Classic...
  • IXARC rotary encoders (2021/11/19 21:20)
    IXARC rotary encoders includes housings that are only 27-mm long. This reduced length, combined with a diameter of only 36 mm, means that this line of super-compact devices are well-suited for installation and service in tight spaces.
  • ProSense CLC series conductive, liquid-level controllers (2021/11/19 21:10)
    ProSense CLC series conductive, liquid-level controllers detect and control levels of conductive liquids (tap water, seawater, sewage, chemical solutions, coffee, milk, etc) in dual-probe pump-up (fill) and/or pump-down (drain) applications. A widely adjustable sensitivity range is included to meet the needs of a large variety of liquid types.
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