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  • Southern HVAC Acquires Pro Plumbing Services (2022/07/06 19:18)

    Southern HVAC Corporation announced the acquisition of Pro Plumbing Services LLC.

  • The NEWSMakers Podcast: HVAC Contractors and Tools (2022/07/06 18:00)
    In the latest episode of The NEWSMakers podcast, Kyle Gargaro, editorial director for The ACHR NEWS, talks to Michael Kane, president of UEi Test Instruments.
  • Kroger Pressured To Eliminate HFCs In Stores (2022/07/06 16:00)

    Kroger, the largest grocery chain in the United States, is facing pressure from a coalition of stakeholders to eliminate HFCs from their refrigeration systems. 

  • HVAC CEO Insights: Why Some Contractors Never Grow (2022/07/06 14:00)
    Why do some HVAC contractors never grow beyond a few technicians after decades of being in business, while others seem to achieve record-breaking success in just a few years? The CEO of NearU Services had some thoughts.
  • ASHRAE’s Revised Refrigeration Handbook Now Available (2022/07/05 21:00)

    From cryogenics to strawberries, from fishing vessels to mortuaries, the 2022 ASHRAE Handbook—Refrigeration covers the refrigeration equipment and systems essential for applications other than human comfort.

  • Is It Time To Turn Up The Thermostat in the U.S.? (2022/07/05 20:22)

    We Americans like things cold. Where we don’t like to be cold is at work. In fact, as more employees are returning to office buildings, being cold is one of their biggest complaints.

  • Growing Demand for Life Science Buildings Creates Opportunities for Commercial Contractors (2022/07/05 18:00)
    Growing life sciences field create opportunities for HVAC contractor who can meet the stringent requirements.
  • Refrigeration Pilot Projects Show 50% Energy Savings (2022/07/05 17:24)

    Refrigerated Solutions Group and Budderfly announced the results of energy efficiency pilot projects across two Subway restaurant locations using RSG’s Capsule Pak ECO™.

  • Pandemic Created New Markets for UV-C (2022/07/05 14:00)
    When the coronavirus pandemic struck, the interest in UV light skyrocketed. Some believe UV-C will become widely viewed as essential to HVACR systems, the way filters are now.
  • NAVAC Partners with DRM Repair Centre (2022/07/04 20:00)

    NAVAC has partnered with DRM Repair Centre of Toronto to provide Canadian customers with out-of-warranty repairs for NAVAC's vacuum pumps, recovery units, and other HVACR tools.

  • Learning More About Internet of Things Solutions (2022/07/04 18:00)
    Internet of things enabled HVAC equipment can make installation and service easier and more accurate for contractors and technicians.
  • Internet of Things Diagnostics Can Simplify Service Calls (2022/07/04 14:00)
    Internet of Things diagnostics technology can ensure the installation was done correctly, as well as notify technicians of potential service problems, which can keep HVAC equipment operating smoothly and efficiently.
  • FYI: News Briefs in HVAC - July 4, 2022 (2022/07/04 07:00)
    For your information news briefs from a wide variety of categories within the HVAC industry. Price increases, mergers and acquisitions, award winners, and more are highlighted here each week.
  • Senate Bills Aim to Push HVAC Electrification (2022/07/03 14:00)
    Two new bills pending in the U.S. Senate are designed to speed the electrification of HVAC systems, decrease the amount of fossil fuels used in buildings, and cut carbon emissions.
  • CDC: 38.5% of U.S. Schools Report HVAC Upgrades (2022/07/02 14:00)
    Despite increased federal funding around IAQ for K-12 schools, the most common ventilation strategies over the past year remain lower-cost options.
  • Winsupply Acquires Romar Supply (2022/07/01 21:40)

    Winsupply Inc. has completed the purchase of both Romar Supply locations.

  • Optyma: Unit Cooler (2022/07/01 18:51)

    The Optyma Cooler is designed for quick and easy installation and high efficiency, and features unique cross-rifling inside the heat exchanger tubing, maximizing air turbulence.

  • METUS: ERV Units (2022/07/01 18:49)

    High-performance Lossnay RVX2 ERV units improve comfort and efficiency by repurposing heat from exhaust air stream to condition filtered outdoor air supplied for ventilation.

  • tekmar: Boiler Control (2022/07/01 18:48)

    The Smart Boiler Control 294 offers remote, real-time management of up to 16 boilers in multiple buildings through the Watts OnSite web and mobile app. 

  • Malco Products: Locking Tools (2022/07/01 18:46)

    Eagle Grip Locking Tools are the first full line manufactured at Malco’s plant in DeWitt, Nebraska, the original birthplace of the locking pliers.

  • Reliable Louvers: Architectural Louver (2022/07/01 18:44)

    Developed with OEM customers in mind, the AEL-42-7020-MD permits ample fresh air ventilation without comprising PTAC system performance. 

  • Greenheck: Control Dampers (2022/07/01 18:43)

    Models HCD-130LE and HCD-230LE are heavy-duty flanged-style frame industrial control dampers with fabricated airfoil blades designed to control airflow and provide shutoff in lab exhaust systems. 

  • Shurtape: Duct Tape (2022/07/01 18:41)

    This multifaceted family of high-performance tapes features 13 tape types divided among four tape grades: utility, general purpose, professional, and premium. 

  • ATMO: IAQ Monitor (2022/07/01 18:39)

    Atmocube, an IAQ monitor for commercial buildings and public spaces. The device connects to Atmocube’s Cloud Dashboard and to BMS over MQTT, Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP. 

  • AprilAire Renovates Satellite Campus in Poynette (2022/07/01 18:30)

    AprilAire and RPC have completed a major renovation and remodel in Poynette, transforming the campus’ initial building into state-of-the-industry offices and gathering spaces.

  • Daikin Applied Americas’ CEO Mike Schwartz Announces Retirement (2022/07/01 18:00)

    Daikin Applied Americas announced that President and CEO Mike Schwartz intends to retire from his position at the end of August.

  • The Unified Group Hosts 2022 HR Forum (2022/07/01 14:00)
    After last year’s virtual Human Resources Forum, The Unified Group hosted a face-to-face meeting in Texas in 2022.
  • A Multilayered Approach to Indoor Air Quality & Choosing the Right Solutions (2022/07/01 07:00)
    As we begin to better understand the link between indoor air quality and wellness, active air purification technologies, such as bipolar ionization, hold tremendous promise to make indoor spaces healthier for all.
  • Fact vs. Fiction: Clarifying Myths Regarding UV and Indoor Air Quality (2022/07/01 07:00)
    This whitepaper is a valuable Fact Versus Fiction primer for addressing and clarifying the Top 10 common misconceptions regarding UV technology in a post-pandemic world.
  • Supreme Court Curtails EPA's Rulemaking Authority (2022/07/01 02:21)

    In a long-awaited decision, the U.S. Supreme Court today curtailed the authority of the EPA to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from existing sources.

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