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  • Omlox standard unifies positioning, coordinates real-time location services (2022/01/17 21:59)
    Where is the damned thing!?! It's an eternal cry—no doubt uttered during every human endeavor. It's relieved when each much-needed tool, part, workpiece or other crucial item is found, but what's often overlooked is all the time and effort wasted looking for them again and again.
  • Powersafe Medium Voltage Thermal System (2022/01/17 19:48)
    Watlow launched the Powersafe medium voltage thermal system, a fully integrated heating and control solution that is a safe, reliable and clean replacement for fossil fuel alternatives in process equipment.
  • Cyber security podcast – Cyber security is more than just IT incidents (2022/01/17 04:28)

    Following my December 7, 2021 presentation to the ICDF2C 2021 Conference in Singapore, I did an interview with Jane Lo – “Cyber security is more than just IT incidents”.  The interview can be found at https://ed.gr/duvgj

  • ABB Motion drives efficient future (2022/01/14 23:43)
    Stresses energy-efficiency movement partners and solutions to thwart climate change
  • Distributed Systems and Critical Infrastructure Protection course at University of Missouri Science and Technology (2022/01/14 07:20)

    Starting January 18, 2022, I will be a guest speaker for Dr. George Markowsky’s course on Distributed Systems and Critical Infrastructure Protection. I will be providing 2 lectures and feedback on class projects. In preparation for the course, I went back to a short course Jeff Dagle from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and I gave at the March 18, 2009 IEEE PES Power Systems Conference and Exposition in Seattle. I had expected that I could use some of the pictures but would have to update the verbiage. However, with few exceptions, the verbiage was still valid. What does that say about the state of control system cyber security? Dr. Markowsky and I hope to use the course to improve the state of critical infrastructure protection. For further information, please contact Dr. George Markowsky at markov@mst.edu.

  • TRP Pelton Wheel High-Temp turbine flowmeter (2022/01/13 23:38)
    TRP Pelton Wheel High-Temp turbine flowmeter is specifically designed to monitor and control the cooling and process efficiency of high and ultra-high temperature oil used in heating and cooling circuits. With accuracy of 2.5% and repeatability of 0.5%, this meter provides cost-effective measurement of oil volume flow rates, even in...
  • New user interface for SmartTank (2022/01/13 23:34)
    New user interface for SmartTank wireless tank monitoring system enables private fleet operators, wholesalers and distributors to proactively manage inventories and maximize delivery efficiencies. The portal presents key indicators and market insights in an interactive business intelligence dashboard with a visual snapshot of critical information that includes low-level tanks, demand...
  • ECO 2 power supplies (2022/01/13 23:31)
    ECO 2 power supplies maximize space in control cabinets, while providing a high efficiency rating up to 90%. These cost-effective units come with Wago’s Push-In Cage Clamp technology for reliable connections, and are equipped with orange integrated levers, allowing for a tool-free installation experience. Also included are LED indicators, DC O.K.
  • AquaMaster4 Mobile Comms electromagnetic flowmeter (2022/01/13 23:29)
    AquaMaster4 Mobile Comms electromagnetic flowmeter helps to identify leaks 10 times faster than the market standard in an industry where every drop counts. Mobile communications connectivity over 4G LTE and NBIOT networks enables the flowmeter to supply near real-time data for smart and precise water management—onsite and remotely.
  • Type J and Type K thermocouple extension wire (2022/01/13 23:26)
    Expanded selection of cut-to-length Type J and Type K thermocouple extension wire helps maintain signal integrity when thermocouple signals are required to travel long distances to reach operating instrumentation or PLC input cards. The new wire additions include 20 AWG and 16 AWG sizes with two conductors in shielded or...
  • MicroAI Security (2022/01/13 23:22)
    MicroAI Security features an embedded AI algorithm that can detect, alert and visualize cybersecurity intrusions in real-time, and runs directly on edge and endpoint-connected devices. The algorithm teaches connected devices to self-monitor, and provide alerts when anomalous behavior is identified.
  • Two new I/O modules for Opto 22 groov EPIC (2022/01/13 23:19)
    Two new I/O modules for Opto 22‘s groov EPIC edge programmable industrial controller are the GRV-IVAPM-3 for Category III three-phase AC power monitoring up to 600 VAC and GRV-MM1001-10 for universal I/O sensing and control. These new module options allow the collection and transport of power and energy data, machine...
  • DXMR90 industrial controller (2022/01/13 23:14)
    DXMR90 industrial controller consolidates incoming sensor signals and provides direct visibility of active processes, detects opportunities for specific productivity improvements, and enables advanced predictive maintenance capabilities to prevent costly unexpected downtime. It converts Modbus RTU signals to Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet I/P or Profinet, and it communicates with devices that use...
  • Oprex Managed Services –Cloud edition (2022/01/13 23:10)
    Oprex Managed Services –Cloud edition– supports remote monitoring and maintenance of OT/IT field assets using a cloud platform provided by Yokogawa. By visualizing information on each device's performance, reliability, and security for the entire plant system, the solution helps minimize unexpected plant shutdowns.
  • Measuring the flow rate of particulate-laden gases (2022/01/13 21:02)
    Q: In your book, The Instrument and Automation Engineers' Handbook, you discuss mostly liquid flow measurement and don't focus on the detection of dust-laden gas flows. My particular interest is in sealed sensors and their manufacturers. In our process, we have challenges caused by dust particles affecting total air measurement.
  • DCS facilitates COVID response (2022/01/12 18:46)
    To meet the urgent need for COVID-19 related therapies and vaccines early in the pandemic, Thermo Fisher Scientific, a world leader in serving science with annual revenue of approximately $35 billion, had to expand contract manufacturing capacity quickly and dramatically at its plant in Greenville, N.C., to meet urgent demand.
  • Skkynet Enhanced DataHub (2022/01/11 22:33)
    Skkynet Cloud Systems Inc. released a new version of DataHub middleware. DataHub middleware for secure, real-time industrial data communications now connects to industrial data historians from Aveva, InfluxData and OSIsoft. This release also can to generate alarms and notifications, and handle thousands of MQTT connections, including MQTT Sparkplug B.
  • The concealed PID revealed, part 4 (2022/01/11 21:59)
    Understand PID subtleties to improve and optimize loop and process performance
  • Product roundup: Temperature, pressure up the intelligence game (2022/01/10 22:55)
    Onboard data processing and networking join wireless, increased accuracy and custom engineering
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  • Achieving quick ‘green’ wins from steam systems (2022/01/18 12:43)

    As businesses rise to an increasingly complex set of energy and sustainability challenges, the need for sustainable solutions is greater than ever. Michael Hyde offers some insight into what can be done today to optimise steam systems.
  • Digital transformation returns step-change in efficiency (2022/01/18 12:27)

    To illuminate a process black hole, reduce environmental impact and achieve a 10% boost in Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), the Princes Group has undergone a digital transformation.
  • Adding dynamism to robotic drives (2022/01/17 16:04)

    maxon has introduced a frameless BLDC motor with matching encoder for use in dynamic applications.
  • Inductive sensors with analogue output and IO-Link (2022/01/17 15:55)

    Inductive proximity sensors in the new IF60xx range from ifm electronic offer compatibility with existing installations and additional functionality that provides benefits in new applications.
  • ISA Whitepaper: Implementing an industrial cybersecurity program (2022/01/11 12:26)

    ISA/IEC 62443 provides a powerful tool to reduce the risk of financial, reputational, human, and environmental impact from cyberattacks on industrial automation and control systems (IACS).
  • Operating on a different level with AVEVA Operations Control (2021/12/16 18:14)

    AVEVA Operations Control, offered through AVEVA Flex, delivers added value no matter your organization's size. The subscription package gives access to industrial operations management software that's scalable according to your needs, allowing for flexibility and agility in a fast-changing marketplace. These comprehensive subscriptions enable a set of software applications that empower teams to improve operations, performance, safety, quality, and profitability. Check out the e-Book.

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