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  • IEC SC65B's Working Group 6 ensures instrument performance (2022/01/28 22:29)
    It should come as no surprise that there are quite a few international standards that define how to determine instrument performance. The most significant of these standards are developed by a core team of volunteers within IEC SC65B’s Working Group 6 (WG6), “Testing and evaluation performance.”
  • Micro Motion expertise leads industry transformation (2022/01/27 23:07)
    While digital technologies have helped to transform the physical design of Coriolis meters over the years, Emerson engineers were also amongst the earliest to embrace the potential of onboard intelligence to deliver higher instrument performance as well as extract meaningful information about the meter itself—and the process that it served.
  • 12 new motor and drive solutions you need to see (2022/01/27 22:02)
    Motors, drives build on VFD/VSD foundations
  • The OT paradigm is broken technically and culturally – it must be fixed (2022/01/27 05:37)

    On January 26, 2022. it became evident that the OT paradigm is broken. December 29th, the article was published that more than 3,000 smart instruments in a petrochemical facility had no passwords, even by default. January 21st, SAE/MITRE held a meeting on hardware vulnerability disclosures where IOT and ICS were not addressed including for sensors with no password, authentication, or encryption. January 24th, a utility report was issued identifying the need to include Level 0,1 devices. January 25th, a presentation was given on the results of doctoral research on the misalignment of the personnel involved in OT. January 26th, an on-line presentation given to the Meeting of Council of European Energy Regulators on the lack of addressing control systems. What is evident from multiple sources, both anecdotally and scientifically, is that the OT paradigm is broken. It doesn’t have to be this way. A Level 0, 1 process sensor monitoring project is being performed for a large industrial facility for productivity and predictive maintenance. The project spans multiple parts of the organization from corporate, plant engineering, operations, maintenance, safety, and cyber security. Cybersecurity is an important consideration, but not the primary motivation, which is efficiency and productivity improvement. This type of project can address the misalignment identified by Aleksandra. The acknowledgment that none of the consensus standards organizations or industry bodies were addressing the unique cyber security issues associated with process sensors led to the January 5th meeting. Hopefully, this effort can lead to developing standards that are germane to existing sensor and field device technology.

  • BXG Systems uses PlantPAx software to simplify, organize and optimize (2022/01/27 00:12)
    Midstream plants in Texas benefit from software
  • 10 guides to career success (2022/01/26 22:30)
    Balance your own needs with those of your family, coworkers and community
  • Signals and indicators: January 2022 news (2022/01/26 00:49)
    Australia-based Sage Group and Italy-based Autoware announced in December that they've formed a strategic partnership. They've collaborated on best practices and advancing industry for more than 10 years as part of the Automation Alliance peer group of the global Control System Integrators Association (CSIA).
  • KEL-FA tool-free cable entry system (2022/01/25 23:51)
    The new split cable entry frames for the KT grommet system offer tool-free assembly, high cable density and easy routing of pre-terminated cables. The split KEL-FA cable entry system from icotek is a compact system for routing and sealing cables with and without connectors, as well as hydraulic and pneumatic hoses.
  • Design, test investments boost Coriolis performance (2022/01/25 23:00)
    In the 1800s, mathematician Gaspard-Gustave de Coriolis predicted the effect that the earth’s rotation would have on a fluid in motion. But it was quite some time before Micro Motion founder Jim Smith figured out in 1977 how to empirically measure that effect and use it to calculate the fluid’s...
  • Hydrogen is key to sustainable green energy (2022/01/24 23:17)
    Hydrogen is key to making green energy transportable and continuously available
  • Ethernet-APL: Implications for the field devices of tomorrow (2022/01/24 20:07)
    Keith Larson speaks with Emerson's Jonas Berge
  • The European Risk Policy Institute 2021 Top 30 Risk Communicators in Cybersecurity (2022/01/23 20:15)

    Ivan Savov, Chairman of the European Risk Policy Institute, issued the 2021 Top 30 Risk Communicators in Cybersecurity European Risk Policy Institute, Global Risk Policy Network. I am honored to be part of this distinguished list.

  • Coriolis meters: Sensor innovations push accuracy, application envelope (2022/01/21 22:37)
    At their simplest, Coriolis meters operate by using a drive coil to make the tube through which mass flow is to be measured vibrate at a naturally resonant frequency. Filling the tube with a fluid causes the resonant frequency itself to shift in proportion to the density of the fluid.
  • 2022 Readers' Choice Awards (2022/01/20 19:48)
    Control magazine readers vote for their preferred suppliers in more than 80 process control and instrumentation technology categories
  • Unibloc Pump buys Standard Pump (2022/01/20 00:32)
    Unibloc Pump reported Jan. 5 that it's continuing to grow its family of hygienic flow control brands by acquiring Standard Pump, which is also located in near Atlanta, Ga. This is the second acquisition in four months for Unibloc.
  • Engineering for assurance yields Coriolis leadership (2022/01/19 22:25)
    A Q&A with Andy Dudiak, president, Flow Measurement, Emerson
  • Control System Cyber Incidents Are Real and Current Prevention and Mitigation Strategies Are Not Working (2022/01/19 20:32)

    There have been almost 12 million control system cyber incidents globally across all sectors resulting in more than 1,500 deaths, and more than $90BillionUS in direct damage. Our article, “Control System Cyber Incidents Are Real—and Current Prevention and Mitigation Strategies Are Not Working”, has been published in the January issue of IEEE Computer magazine. This article adds focus to the January 5th IEEE-led meeting on the lack of cyber security in process sensors in any industry cyber security standard. Additionally, the NATO article, “Guide for Protecting Industrial Automation and Control Systems Against Cyber Incidents” by Vytautas Butrimas also focused on control systems. Compare these control system efforts to US critical infrastructure protection efforts which have not addressed the unique aspects of insecure control system devices. Now recognize that Russia, China, Iran, and others are aware of these shortcomings. Hopefully, we will respond accordingly.


  • Visibility key to Log4j response (2022/01/18 22:17)
    Open-source logging vulnerability renews software supply chain concerns
  • Omlox standard unifies positioning, coordinates real-time location services (2022/01/17 21:59)
    Where is the damned thing!?! It's an eternal cry—no doubt uttered during every human endeavor. It's relieved when each much-needed tool, part, workpiece or other crucial item is found, but what's often overlooked is all the time and effort wasted looking for them again and again.
  • Powersafe Medium Voltage Thermal System (2022/01/17 19:48)
    Watlow launched the Powersafe medium voltage thermal system, a fully integrated heating and control solution that is a safe, reliable and clean replacement for fossil fuel alternatives in process equipment.
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  • Te-Tech to provide MCC’s and control panels for Severn Trent (2022/01/26 19:23)

    Te-Tech Process Solutions will be supplying Motor Control Centres and control panels for Severn Trent Water and Hafren Dyfrdwy via the water companies’ framework supplier, Trant Engineering.
  • Hannover Messe 2022 rescheduled for beginning of June (2022/01/25 11:21)

    Due to the current situation surrounding Covid, Deutsche Messe AG has made the decision to postpone Hannover Messe until 30 May to 2 June. The new date provides exhibitors and visitors with planning security.
  • Ensuring safety in explosive environments (2022/01/24 13:26)

    Rhodri Morgan discussed the requirements and regulations required for equipment used in potentially explosive environments. 
  • Upgrading automation devices with TSN connectivity (2022/01/24 13:21)

    John Browett explains how to fit TSN within existing platforms and communications protocols.
  • Mobile robot solutions for the UK (2022/01/24 13:02)

    Reeco Automation, a specialist in collaborative robot (Cobot) applications, has been appointed Omron’s Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) solution partner. The partnership enables the provision of time-saving operational efficiencies that address the logistical, warehousing and end-of-line challenges faced by UK manufacturers, distributors and large retailers.
  • Contactless power and data transmission for transport system (2022/01/24 12:51)

    With an innovative No Cable Technology (NCT) solution its XTS intelligent transport system Beckhoff can offer a huge increase in machine flexibility.
  • New 8in intrinsically-safe tablet added to range (2022/01/24 12:47)

    The Pepperl+Fuchs brand ECOM Instruments has added to its 8in Tab-Ex series with the intrinsically safe Tab-Ex 03 tablet in the DZ2 (for Zone 2/22 & Division 2) and D2 (for Division 2) variants. 

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