NHS Topics

Live Well 1) - information about health and lifestyle

Health A-Z 2) - information and advice on more than 800 conditions and treatments in an easy and comprehensive way: A-Z, Gender, and Subject

Commenting Web Services 3) - access to GP, dentist & hospital comments

Carers Direct 4) - access to content regarding caring for someone

Planners - Covers two areas, with information available at article level: NHS Health Check and Health A-Z - Conditions and treatments

Guides – Access to a range of targeted information such as: Pregnancy, Vaccination Schedule, Contraception guide, Moodzone – Mental wellbeing

Common Health Questions 5) - access to all Common Health Question topics

Find Services 6) - currently broken down into two distinct feeds, Organisations and Services, can be integrated with GIS/mapping solutions to provide ‘Find my nearest…’ options for the end user

Scorecard 7) – gives access to the range of metrics used to identify performance across NHS organisations

News - Behind the Headlines 8) - access to all news topics and articles: Behind the Headlines section, which analyses current health news in the mainstream media, is available in RSS and XML formats (the feed is broken down according to topics or you can search by article date)

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