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  • back to the office (2021/07/18 17:26)

    I was struck by this observation from Ron Carucci in his HBR article last month on returning to the office: “If the transition to WFH wasn’t challenging enough, the transition back to the office may prove even more difficult.  “Our brains will be looking for familiar routines to “return” to that simply won’t be there. And when that happens, our…

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  • marketing myopia and brand choice (2021/07/11 23:31)

    Faris Yakob wrote an interesting piece last year on what motivates consumers to buy, particularly in the few seconds a consumer spends at shelf.  He wrote: “In 2005 P&G coined the term “first moment of truth” to describe the importance of packaging in their marketing model. The first point of contact is encountering an advertisement, the second is when they…

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  • influencer marketing and authenticity (2021/06/27 19:40)

    I recently heard a marketing executive say at a conference that “to establish trust you have to appear authentic.”  I found this turn of phrase interesting, and telling; she didn’t say “be” authentic — she said “appear” authentic.  Influencer marketing is a large and growing part of this widespread pursuit by brands to appear more authentic.  This makes the fakery…

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  • customer lifetime value (2021/06/20 17:48)

    A recent study from the CMO Council and Deloitte found that only 17% of CMOs track Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) well. Customer Lifetime Value is a fundamental marketing tool, but it can be a bit of a guessing game, particularly when making future predictions on individuals or cohorts.   Many businesses look retroactively at the ratio of CLV to CAC…

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  • the next big thing in marketing (2021/06/13 19:33)

    There’s a perennial search for the next big thing in marketing, which can distract us from getting the basics right. I recently re-discovered “Eat Your Greens”, a thought-provoking collection of essays by marketing thinkers, edited by Wiemer Snijder in 2018 (he kindly peppered a few of my cartoons between the essays).  The book includes a sharp piece by Mark Ritson…

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  • generational marketing (2021/06/06 18:29)

    Epoch Strategy Director Alex Murrell wrote a fascinating piece a couple years ago on “The Ageism in Advertising” and the knee-jerk way that marketers obsess over younger generations. Alex cited that only 5% of advertising spend is targeted to adults aged 35-64, despite the fact that over 50s hold 80% of the wealth (in the UK), make up 60% of…

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  • back to normal (2021/05/31 17:53)

    Last year, Professor Scott Galloway described COVID-19 as “an accelerant” not a “change agent.” As he later expanded: “The pandemic’s most enduring impact will be as an accelerant. While it will initiate some changes and alter the direction of some trends, the pandemic’s primary effect has been to accelerate dynamics already present in society – from e-commerce to online education…

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  • the NFT bandwagon (2021/05/16 20:01)

    A couple months after NFTs caught the public imagination with the $69 million auction of a JPEG, it has been fascinating to see how brands have scrambled to jump on the NFT bandwagon. As Cathy Hackl put it, “everyone is talking about NFTs, and few people actually understand them.” In the luxury world, brands like Gucci and RTFKT created NFTs…

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  • Design Thinking and the Theater of Innovation (2021/05/09 18:48)

    The design thinking methodology, pioneered and evangelized by fabled design firm IDEO, has spread from products to services to just about anything in business. “Design Thinking” has joined the corporate lexicon in a similar fashion as “Agile”.  It means different things to different people and, too often, is used as shorthand for a magic potion approach to innovation and creative…

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  • the creative brief gap (2021/05/02 18:55)

    In 2015, the ANA surveyed advertisers and agencies to identify problems in the often dysfunctional client/agency relationship.  One issue rose to the top — the creative brief. The ANA found that 58% of clients believe they do a good job with creative briefs.  Yet only 27% of agencies agree (and 0% “strongly agree”).  This gap in perception between those giving…

    The post the creative brief gap first appeared on Marketoonist | Tom Fishburne.

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