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  • brand purpose marketing (2020/11/22 18:37)

    “If being purposeful means doing ads to you, then you’re probably doing it wrong.” I was struck by this observation from the ever-insightful Tom Roach in his essay exploring whether brand purpose is “the biggest lie the ad industry ever told.” The topic of brand purpose has always inspired some of the most absurd BS in marketing. Last week, Mondelez…

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  • how to do strategic planning (2020/11/15 18:55)

    Traditional strategic planning is often neither “strategic” nor much of a “plan”.  It usually resembles a peace treaty more than clear marching orders for an organization.  Strategic planning also tends to be out-dated the moment it’s written.   I like this characterization from consultant Richard Gold:  “Traditionally, strategic planning has been a hierarchical, top-down process where someone in the organization…

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  • lead nurturing isn’t a numbers game (2020/11/08 19:37)

    Gapingvoid creator Hugh MacLeod once observed, “If you talked to people the way advertising talked to people, they’d punch you in the face.” Hugh shared this insight years before the marketing automation revolution, but the same could be said for many forms of marketing, now more than ever. Analysts at Demand Gen Report recently revealed that 60% of respondents would…

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  • CX is more than a department (2020/11/01 21:10)

    A Capgemini study found that 75% of organizations believed themselves to be customer-centric.  Only 30% of customers agreed. The numbers were even more stark for consumer products companies — 80% believed they were were customer-centric and only 14% agreed. There’s a wide gap between what customers expect and what organizations deliver. Deloitte identified one of the key CX challenges that…

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  • changing customer needs (2020/10/25 18:17)

    In this time of change, I’ve been thinking about the gap between a desire to change and uncertainty on where or how to change. The pandemic has been a change accelerant, but the path isn’t always clear. Jeff Bezos has some relevant insights in how he describes Day 1 versus Day 2 thinking.  He first codified this idea in the…

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  • product choice overload (2020/10/11 23:53)

    From data plans to toothpaste to headache medicine, most categories operate as if more choice is better than less choice. But if you’re actually a shopper with a headache in a headache medicine aisle, the only thing a complicated product assortment will do is make your headache worse. As Scott Galloway put it recently (echoing Barry Schwartz’s 2004 classic, The…

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  • psychographic profiling (2020/10/04 23:14)

    Psychographics are back in the news as part of the US election cycle, four years after the Cambridge Analytica scandal made the term mainstream. This week, CB Insights published a useful primer on psychographics, which they describe as one of the “dark arts” of social media and internet marketing. Yet psychographics are nothing new; they were first developed in the…

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  • flipping the script (2020/09/27 19:52)

    I once heard Hubspot co-founder Dharmesh Shah advise businesses, “Don’t make your process my problem. Solve for my success, not your systems.” Six months into the pandemic, this strikes me as good advice for brands to think about their COVID response as well.   Many businesses continue to follow the same stock script using COVID as an excuse for all…

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  • sales impact of advertising (2020/09/13 20:23)

    I’ve been re-reading the 1983 classic, “Ogilvy on Advertising” to see how much has changed — and how much has remained the same — in advertising over the years.  One constant is the challenge of how to measure sales impact in advertising, and the tension of long-term brand building versus short-term direct response. As David Ogilvy wrote (more than a…

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  • the productivity trap (2020/09/06 23:20)

    A recent survey from Blind found that 83% of marketing and communications professionals are reporting burnout, the highest of any job function. There are likely many factors at play, but I wonder how much of this burnout relates to productivity anxiety, the pressure to be busy, and the hustle culture in business.   The pursuit of constant productivity can actually…

    The post the productivity trap first appeared on Marketoonist | Tom Fishburne.

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