White Outs

A sporadic cartoon from Paul White
  • Books & Marbles (2020/09/21 18:55)
    Doodled the stack on the right, not with any intention of what they might become. Decided they looked sort of like books and so added two more stacks. Filled in the space with small circles which began to look like marbles to me. The little girl was a final addition to make it more interesting.
  • Voices (2020/09/20 17:41)
    Senate Republican hypocrisy isn e x t l e v e l
  • RBG (2020/09/19 22:01)
    Used a photo as reference to paint a digital tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I was “joking” with my wife this morning, something to the effect of, “Arent dying people supposed to hang on to witness an event they’re really looking forward to?” Sigh. Wish you could have been around to see us try to […]
  • Window or door (2020/09/19 17:27)
    Enjoyed doodling about until this emerged.
  • Ghosts (2020/09/18 16:40)
    Experimenting some more with the digital oils and leaning into the fall/Halloween season. (And, yes, I realize they kinda look like ghost sperm. Unintended bonus.)
  • The eye (2020/09/17 16:53)
    Was messing about with digital oils and ended up with this. Kind of looked like the cover of a 50’s SciFi novel, so I gave it an ominous title.
  • Flow (2020/09/13 21:06)
    Watching basketball and drawing prayerful ladies…
  • The search (2020/09/13 17:49)
    Sunday mice…
  • Keys (2020/09/13 03:16)
    I’ve been learning the piano during COVID. The notes sometimes speak to me but I’ve not experienced this sort of keyboard kerfuffle.
  • Spoils (2020/09/12 16:32)
    The ants marveled at their good fortune while Richard didn’t think anything at all.

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