White Outs

A sporadic cartoon from Paul White
  • Color study (2021/09/14 05:39)
    Used the Cygnet brush on Procreate for this one.
  • Moonscape (2021/09/07 17:10)
    Doodling around on the iPad resulted in this lunar view.
  • Peoples (2021/09/06 04:48)
    Sunday evening pastels…a rainbow of people.
  • Fear (2021/09/05 05:22)
    Saturday night reflecting…
  • Team (2021/09/04 17:13)
    I love my teams. I don’t think I’m delusional, but perhaps I am.
  • Vibin’ (2021/09/04 05:25)
    I’m not a good dancer but when I’m alone sometimes I’ll put on some tunes and let myself be free, let the music in.
  • Balloons (2021/08/30 17:13)
    My daughter thought these looked like abalone shells. So they are now “aballoons.” This is yesterday’s creation reimagined.
  • Spheres (2021/08/29 17:11)
    Primarily used the Storm Bay brush in Procreate to paint this one. It gives a nice, batik effect. And I love the colors.
  • Sunrise (2021/08/27 17:25)
    I took yesterday’s creation and repurposed it into a landscape…
  • Abstract colors (2021/08/26 16:53)
    Enjoyed creating this while watching episode 3 of Ted Lasso season 2 last night. (And an old installment of House.) Have a color-full Thursday…

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