White Outs

A sporadic cartoon from Paul White
  • Goodbye and hello (2020/12/31 15:14)
    A small collection of old end-of-year and beginning-of-year cartoons. Here’s to far less chaotic 2021…cheers.
  • Dad Christmas (2020/12/25 17:12)
    Joe and Jesus…
  • Babies (2020/12/20 17:13)
    An old cartoon. Imagine mistakenly coming home with the Son of God after picking him up from day care…
  • Parameters (2020/12/19 19:48)
    As a frontline healthcare worker I received the vaccine yesterday. Grateful. As we roll into 2021 I hope the vaccine doesn’t get A) politicized, and/or B ) turned into a tool for fear-mongering conspiracy theorists. Side note #1: mild headache, sore arm, dry mouth. And a developing third nipple. Side note #2: I don’t think […]
  • Tank (2020/12/12 17:19)
    Our favorite (?) conspiracy-loving macaw, Rufus, is back with some seasonal cheer. Saturday cartoon…
  • Solo (2020/12/10 16:51)
    Thursday cartoon…
  • Star (2020/12/08 17:01)
    Tuesday cartoon…
  • Boxes (2020/12/07 17:04)
    Monday cartoon…
  • Peace (2020/12/06 17:04)
    The candle of peace. Second Sunday of Advent cartoon…
  • Swings (2020/12/05 17:30)
    Some people have assumed I’m enduring a personal loss. I’m not. This storyline just sort of emerged, probably from the almost-daily death I witness at the hospital in our COVID times, and reflecting on the grief families are feeling, often accentuated during the holidays. 2020 can suck an egg.

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