White Outs

A sporadic cartoon from Paul White
  • Cattrap (2020/08/02 03:04)
    The secret life of toilets:
  • H2O (2020/07/31 16:59)
    How big will these containers get???
  • Moonscape (2020/07/30 16:57)
    Thursday creation…
  • Ghosts (2020/07/29 18:02)
    Wednesday morning creation…
  • Square (2020/07/28 17:12)
    Tuesday morning abstract:
  • Arm (2020/07/27 17:24)
    I’m glad baseball’s back. And almost the NBA. I’ve missed sports.
  • 100 (2020/07/26 18:38)
    I posted the cartoon below on the 100th day of President Trump’s time in office: a faithful lady counting down the days until his time was up. Originally I simply viewed Mr. Trump with distaste, wondering how a man who clearly lacked moral decency and any sense of humility could have been elected. I’ve since, […]
  • Dog life (2020/07/25 18:40)
    I really enjoy having a mostly lazy dog. Probably because I’m a mostly lazy human. Here’s two captions to the same cartoon. Which do you prefer? Or suggest another.
  • Space (2020/07/25 17:21)
    ‘Twould be a beautiful view.
  • Gift (2020/07/24 17:25)
    I caution anyone from associating too much meaning to my cartoons. Often, I simply start doodling and see where things go. In this case, I drew an abstract circle and then started manipulating its shape. It became what looked like a flame of fire to me. The rest followed. Happy Friday…

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