An Illustrated Jocularity
  • Wondermark Fall 2021 FAQ (2021/11/26 18:00)
    TBH games are shipping now! As we move into another holiday season, it’s high time for an update on how things are going here at the ol’ jape-foundry! I’ll talk about comics, merch, and future plans. Pretend you’re the bold text, asking me questions. I’ll then…answer those questions! ➡️ How have you been? My family […]
  • THIS WEEKEND: I’m playing TBH in a charity stream! (2021/07/10 07:30)
    All this weekend, my friends at Draw4Charity are streaming games in a marathon to benefit the charity Child’s Play. On Saturday, July 10, me and some friends will be playing my game TBH as part of the event! Starting at 2:30pm Pacific / 4:30 Central, and going as for long as we need to play a rousing game […]
  • It’s the last day to back TBH on Kickstarter! (2021/04/30 10:00)
    Today’s the last day to back my new game, TBH, on Kickstarter! We’ve just hit our 1000-backer stretch goal, which means every backer will now get a free pack of Kickstarter-exclusive bonus cards! These are cards that won’t be in the post-Kickstarter edition of the game, and won’t be available to anyone after today. The […]
  • #1526; The Spot Treatment (2021/04/13 08:00)

    Look, I DO NOT know how to do ceiling fixing or whatever. I DO know, kind of, how to paint! Would you have me sit here and do NOTHING?

  • How and why I made a party game in a pandemic. (2021/04/13 07:28)
    My new game, TBH, has now reached its minimum funding goal on Kickstarter! We’re working on stretch goals now, to make the game even bigger and better. The campaign runs through the end of April, and I hope you’ll check it out! If you visit the page, you’ll see my face halfway down, hosting a […]
  • I made a new game. It’s called TBH. (2021/04/07 11:35)
    I’ve spent the past six months making a new party game. [ IT’S ON KICKSTARTER RIGHT NOW ] I said a bit more about it on Twitter too, starting here. (And on Patreon.)
  • #1525; Bedtime, in Overtime (2021/03/17 07:00)

    Elmo sees now that Elmo was falling prey to the fallacy of retrospective determinism

  • 2019 Errata (2021/01/13 06:55)
    Embed from Getty Images Whoopsie dinkles! It’s time, once again, to look at the year gone past, and issue corrections for any errors we discovered in comics published in 2019. #1520; In which Armageddon awaits In the interim, it has been conclusively proven that our society can, in fact, agree on one thing: sea shanties […]
  • Downloadable Wondermark 2021 calendar! (2020/12/21 06:50)
    I don’t have an all-new 2021 calendar, this year. Time was short, and also, shipping is such a mess this year that I didn’t make a big merchandise push. If you’ve ordered something from me recently, rest assured that it’s on its way…but packages in the hands of the post office have been taking very […]
  • #1179; Time for the Truth (2020/11/23 07:00)

    The only sure way to know your opinions aren't being manipulated into benefiting a special interest is to create a system of deliberately, irreconcilably incoherent beliefs. This method has been successful for hundreds of millions of people

  • On the bonkers color palette of Garfield comics (2020/11/23 06:30)
    I’ve been reading Garfield comics with my son this week. He’s too young to really follow the narratives — after every strip he pauses, asks what happened, and then says, slowly and calmly, “Why” — but he’s already very fond of the drawings and characters. We’ve been reading specifically late-80’s strips, since those are the books we […]

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