Combine several boot CDs into one –


Type Distro File Name Description
Android-x86 android-x86-*.iso
Antergos antergos.iso
antiX antix.iso
Arch Linux FTP or CORE arch.iso
Archboot archboot.iso
Archiso-live archiso-live.iso
AVG Rescue CD avg.iso
Avira AntiVir Rescue System avira.iso
Austrumi austrumi.iso
BackTrack Linux backtrack.iso
Bitdefender Rescue CD bitdefender-rescue-cd.iso
Boot-Repair-Disk boot-repair-disk-*.iso
CAINE caine.iso
CDlinux cdl.iso
CentOS boot/netinstall ISO centos-boot.iso
Clonezilla clonezilla.iso
Comodo Rescue Disk comodo_rescue_disk_*.iso
ConnochaetOS connos.iso
DBAN (official or unofficial) dban.iso
DeLi Linux deli.iso
DSL dsl.iso
DVL dvl.iso
Debian install CD/DVD #1 debian-install.iso or debian-install64.iso
Debian (stable, testing or unstable) mini.iso debian-mini.iso / debian-mini64.iso
Desktop, Education Debian Live *.debian.iso or binary.iso Download AcademiX.iso created on 2018-07-24
Desktop, Office Download SolydXK.iso created on 2018-07-31
Dr.Web LiveCD drweb.iso
DoudouLinux doudoulinux.iso
EASEUS Disk Copy diskcopy.iso
Elastix elastix.iso
Endian Firewall efw.iso
Feather feather.iso
Fedora (i386) netinst fedora-boot.iso
Fedora (x86_64) netinst fedora-boot64.iso
Finnix finnix.iso
FreeDOS base or full CD fdbasecd.iso/fdfullcd.iso
Fusion Linux fusion.iso
GParted Live gparted.iso
GRUB4DOS grub.exe grub.exe
grml (x86, x64 or combined) grml.iso
GeeXboX geexbox.iso
Hiren's BootCD hirens.iso
INSERT insert.iso
IPCop ipcop.iso
Kali Linux kali-linux-2*.iso (or kali-linux-mini-*.iso for the mini ISO)
Kapersky Rescue Disk 2018 krd.iso
Knoppix knoppix.iso Versions 5 and 6 supported. If you use the DVD version, KNOPPIX2 will be dropped.
Linux Lite linux-lite-*.iso
Linux Mint linuxmint.iso
Linux Mint Debian Edition mintdebian.iso
Macpup macpup.iso
Mageia (live CD/DVD) mageia.iso
Mageia (boot.iso) mageia-boot.iso, mageia-boot-2.iso
Manjaro manjaro.iso
MEPIS mepis.iso
Maui maui-*.iso
NetbootCD netbootcd.iso*.iso or *.generic.iso
Offline NT Password & Registry Editor ntpasswd.iso
openSUSE GNOME Live CD opensuse-gnome.iso
openSUSE (i586) NET iso opensuse-net.iso
openSUSE (x86_64) NET iso opensuse-net64.iso
Ophcrack ophxp.iso / ophvista.iso
Parabola GNU/Linux-libre parabola.iso
PCLinuxOS pclos.iso Note: The two plugins can both be used for any other version of PCLinuxOS
PCLinuxOS LXDE pclx.iso
Pentoo pentoo.iso
PING ping.iso
Pinguy OS pinguy.iso
Parted Magic pmagic.iso
Porteus and Porteus Kiosk *.generic.iso 1) Download porteus.iso created on 2018-07-24
Porteus modules *.xzm
Desktop, Portable Puppy *.puppy.iso Download puppy.iso created on 2018-07-23
Redo Backup redobackup-livecd-*.iso
Rescatux rescatux.iso
RIPLinuX riplinux.iso
ScientificLinux boot/netinstall ISO scientific-boot.iso
Sabayon Linux sabayon.iso
Slax *.generic.iso 2) Download slax.iso created on 2018-07-24
Slax modules *.lzm
SliTaz slitaz.iso
SystemRescueCd sysrcd.iso
Tails tails.iso
Tiny Core Linux tinycore.iso
TinyMe timyme.iso
Trinity Rescue Kit trk.iso
Trisquel GNU/Linux trisquel.iso (or original filename)
Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu live CDs/DVDs original filename
Other Ubuntu Live CDs/DVDs *.casper.iso
Ubuntu "alternate"/Server *.ubuntu-alternate.iso (or original filename)
Ubuntu mini.iso (network installer) ubuntu-mini.iso
Ultimate Boot CD ubcd.iso
Vyatta vyatta.iso
Windows 7 Recovery Disc win7recovery.iso
Windows 98 SE win98se.iso
Windows Me winme.iso
Wolvix wolvix.iso
XBMC xbmc.iso
Zorin OS zorin.iso
Any floppy disk image *.img or *.imz Could be Super Grub Disk, MS-DOS, etc. The newest Super Grub2 Disk comes with an .iso extension, but it will also work as a floppy image. Change the extension to .img to use it with MultiCD.
Any floppy disk image games/*.img or games/*.imz For bootable DOS disk images with games
Memtest86+ automatic

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