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Turnkey GNU/Linux is a free Debian based library of system images that pre-integrates and polishes the best free software components into secure, easy to use solutions. […] 100+ ready-to-use solutions: discover and leverage the best free software. Deploy solutions quickly on bare metal, virtual machines, or in the cloud. https://www.turnkeylinux.org/all


Category Free and Open-Source Software Virtual Appliance
Web development, Stack PHP, Python, Perl LAMP Stack - Web Stack (MySQL)
Content management, Blogging PHP WordPress - Blog Publishing Platform
IT infrastructure, Monitoring PHP Observium - Network Management and Monitoring
IT infrastructure, Storage, Specials Samba File Server - Simple Network Attached Storage
IT infrastructure, Security, Specials - OpenVPN - Open Source VPN solution
IT infrastructure, Specials Samba Domain Controller - free Active Directory server
Storage, Media PHP ownCloud - Share files, music, calendar
Wiki, Issue tracking, Project management Ruby Redmine - Integrated SCM & Project Management
IT infrastructure, Specials - OpenLDAP - Open Source Directory Services
Issue tracking Perl OTRS - Ticket Request System
IT infrastructure, Specials - TurnKey LXC LinuX Containers - 1 host, multiple TurnKey apps
Business management, CRM, ERP, Invoicing, Content management, Ecommerce Python Odoo - From ERP to CRM, eCommerce to CMS
Developer tools, Revision control, Issue tracking Nginx, Ruby GitLab - Self Hosted Git Management
Content management, Framework PHP Joomla 3 - Mobile-ready user-friendly content management
Storage, Specials, Media Samba MediaServer - Simple Network Attached Media Storage
Web development, Stack Nginx, PHP Nginx PHP FastCGI Server Configuration - with Adminer
Database - PostgreSQL - Advanced Object-relational Database System
Storage, Specials Samba Torrent Server - File download and sharing server
Database - MySQL - Relational Database Management System
Web development, Framework, Stack Nginx, Javascript, node.js Node.js - Asynchronous Javascript Framework
Content management, Education PHP Moodle - Course Management System
Content management, Framework PHP Drupal 7 - Content Management Framework
Web development, Stack PHP, Python, Perl LAPP - Web Stack (PostgreSQL)
Developer tools, Testing, IT infrastructure, Monitoring - Jenkins - Continuous integration
Database, NoSQL - MongoDB - NoSQL database
Web development, Framework Ruby Ruby on Rails - Web Application Framework
Business management PHP OrangeHRM - Human Resource Management (HRM) software
IT infrastructure Python Ansible - Radically simple IT automation platform
Business management, CRM PHP SugarCRM - Business & Social CRM software
Content management, Ecommerce - Magento - Flexible Shopping Store eCommerce Platform
Content management, Wiki PHP DokuWiki - Documentation Wiki Platform
Content management, Education Ruby Canvas - Learning Management System
Issue tracking Perl Bugzilla - Bug Tracking System
Issue tracking, CRM - SiT! - Support Incident Tracker
Business management, CRM - vTiger CRM - Customer Relationship Management
Business management, Project management PHP ProcessMaker - Workflow & BPM software
Messaging, Chat - Mibew - Live Support Chat
Business management, CRM PHP SuiteCRM - CRM for the world
Web development, Framework PHP Laravel - PHP Framework for Web Artisans
Web development, Framework Python web2py - Python framework
Developer tools, Revision control, Specials - Revision Control - All-in-one code repository
Web development, Framework PHP CodeIgniter - Web application framework
Content management PHP TYPO3 CMS - Enterprise CMS
Issue tracking, Project management Ruby Tracks - Getting Things Done (GTD) Application
Web development, Framework, Stack Mono ASP .NET on Apache with Mod Mono - Free .NET hosting
Content management, Ecommerce, Deprecated PHP TomatoCart - Shopping cart
Web development, Stack Java Tomcat on Apache - Java Servlet and JSP Platform
Messaging, Forum PHP phpBB - Community Forum Solution
Content management PHP b2evolution - Content management system
Messaging, Forum PHP SimpleMachines - Forum system
Web development, Framework PHP CakePHP - Rapid development PHP framework
Business management, Invoicing PHP SimpleInvoices - Invoicing system
Developer tools, SDK, OS - TurnKey Core - Debian GNU/Linux with Batteries Included
Business management, CRM PHP Zurmo - Gamified, Social, Mobile CRM system
Content management PHP XOOPS - Content Management and Web Application Platform
Web development, Framework PHP Yii Framework - PHP framework
Web development, Framework Python Django - High-level Python Web Framework
Content management PHP Mambo - Content Management system
Content management, Ecommerce PHP Zen Cart - online store management system
Social, Content management, Education PHP Mahara - Electronic portfolio and social networking
Content management, Blogging node.js Ghost - A publishing platform for professional bloggers
Web development, Stack - Lighttpd PHP FastCGI Configuration - with Adminer
Content management, Ecommerce - PrestaShop - Easy to use online shop
Issue tracking, Project management Java iceScrum - Agile collaborative development
Social, Blogging, Messaging - GNU social - Open, distributed microblogging
Business management Ruby Foodsoft - Web management for non-profit food cooperatives
Web development, Stack Java Standalone Tomcat - Java Servlet and JSP Platform
Content management, Education PHP Omeka - Serious web publishing for cultural collections
Content management, Wiki Python MoinMoin - Wiki Engine
Wiki, Issue tracking, Project management Python Trac - Integrated SCM & Project Management
Business management, CRM PHP EspoCRM - lightweight customer relationship manager
Content management, Ecommerce PHP osCommerce - Online shop
Issue tracking Python Roundup - Issue Tracking System
Social PHP LimeSurvey - Survey application
Issue tracking PHP Mantis - Bug Tracking System
Content management, Web development, Framework Python Plone - Open Source Content Management
Messaging, Forum PHP PunBB - Forum software
Developer tools, SDK, Specials - TKLDev - TurnKey Development Toolchain and Build System
Humanitarian, Specials, Project management Python Sahana Eden - Humanitarian platform
Content management, Media PHP Gallery - Photo Album Organizer
Content management, Framework PHP SilverStripe - CMS and framework
Content management PHP eZ platform - Enterprise Content Management System
Social, Content management PHP Kliqqi - Social publishing CMS
Content management, Chat Nginx, node.js Etherpad Lite - Real-time document collaboration
Web development, Monitoring - Piwik - Self Hosted Real-Time Web Analytics
Social, Content management, Messaging PHP Elgg - Social networking engine
Content management PHP e107 - Content Management system
Messaging, Email PHP phpList - Email campaign management
Database, NoSQL Nginx CouchDB - JSON based Web database
Business management, ERP, Deprecated PHP PhreeBooks - Enterprise Resource Planning
Content management, Wiki, Deprecated Perl TWiki - Enterprise Wiki Platform
Content management PHP Concrete5 - Next generation Content Management System
Messaging, Forum PHP Vanilla forum - Community forums evolved
Issue tracking, Project management, Deprecated PHP ProjectPier - Easy Online Collaboration
Issue tracking, Project management PHP Collabtive - Open Source Project Management
Humanitarian, Social, Specials PHP Ushahidi - Crowdsourcing Crisis Information
Web development, Framework PHP Symfony - PHP Web Framework
Business management, Storage, Media Python Mayan-EDMS - An electronic vault for your documents
Storage, Media PHP Nextcloud - Share files, music, calendar
Social, Messaging, Chat - Mumble Server - the open source VoIP solution
Messaging, Chat - Mattermost - Self-hosted Slack compatible team messaging
Content management, Framework PHP Drupal 8 - Content Management Framework
Content management, Wiki, Pages PHP MediaWiki - Wikipedia's Wiki Engine

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