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DistroWatch.com   3 Accese
| | kernel | kmod 24 | [[google>kmod]]: a set of programs for loading, inserting, and removing kernel modul... ansfer | ncftp 3.2.6 | [[google>NcFTP]]: a set of programs implementing the File Transfer Protocol | | softw... xlive 2017 | [[google>TeX Live]]: a collection of programs for typesetting, previewing and printing of TeX d
Public Domain   2 Accese
uperoptimizer for generating optimal x86 assembly programs | | Unlicensed | [[google>youtube-dl]] | a comman... ST]] | one of the most widely used bioinformatics programs, is in the public domain | | Public Domain | [[go
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past interviews, opinions, reviews, and featured programs through online video. Bookboon http://bookboon.c... https://personalmba.com/best-business-books/ MBA programs don’t have a monopoly on advanced business knowle
History   2 Accese
ollege Front Row (History) http://frontrow.bc.edu/programs/default.php?category=12 Boston College Front Row ... ources - Western Civilization (52 half-hour video programs) http://www.learner.org/resources/series58.html
Business, Economics, Finance, & Investing   2 Accese
development-center/resources/free-online-learning-programs.htm The Kutztown University of Pennsylvania’s Sma... llege Front Row (Business) http://frontrow.bc.edu/programs/?category=2 Boston College Front Row is a Web sit
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tps://ecorner.stanford.edu/ - https://www.npr.org/programs/wait-wait-dont-tell-me/ </WRAP> ===== Business &
Science & Math   1 Accese
wide range of free online math courses and study programs. ===== Statistics ===== Vassar Stats - Concepts
Logic, Words, & Memory   1 Accese
on College Front Row (Law) http://frontrow.bc.edu/programs/?category=15 Boston College Front Row is a Web si
Documentaries & Film Studies   1 Accese
past interviews, opinions, reviews, and featured programs through online video. CBC Archives http://www.cb
Computers, Software, & Programming   1 Accese
g/ Higher Computing for Everyone - Writing basic programs http://www.highercomputingforeveryone.com/ HTML