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r]] | | | probono | [[google>Blender]] | Blender provides a broad spectrum of modeling, texturing, lighting... e package. Through its open architecture, Blender provides cross-platform interoperability, extensibility, a... bono | [[google>QGroundControl]] | QGroundControl provides full ground station support and configuration for... he PX4 and APM Flight Stacks. QGroundControl also provides flight support for any MAVLink capable vehicle. |
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CLI | coreutils 8.28 | [[google>GNU Coreutils]]: provides basic file, shell and text manipulation utilities... me 2.32.1 | [[google>libgnome]]: the library that provides access to the non-X11 dependant parts of the GNOM... r module | mod_perl 2.0.10 | [[google>mod_perl]]: provides a Perl module for httpd | | video player | MPlaye... system | | network | ppp 2.4.7 | [[google>PPP]]: provides a server/client for point to point protocol | | n
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ion date 1d}} ===== Chemical Processing ===== > Provides insight and guidance for plant design and process... tion date 1d}} ===== Plant Engineering ===== > Provides information on automation, electrical systems, me... te 1d}} ===== Test & Measurement World ===== > Provides industry news and information for engineers in el
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a new educational movement initiated by MIT that provides free access to course content for everyone online... le Courses http://oyc.yale.edu/ Open Yale Courses provides lectures and other materials from selected Yale C... School of Public Health’s OpenCourseWare project provides access to content of the School’s most popular co
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Harvard Law School https://today.law.harvard.edu/ Provides a number of Web casts of law lectures, symposia, ... events. Stanford Law http://itunes.stanford.edu/ Provides open courseware via iTunes on a variety of law su... ctor.com/businesslaw.asp From MoneyInstructor.com provides a look at a number of basics in business law. Lea
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theora]] | The libtheora reference implementation provides the standard encoder and decoder under a BSD lice... vorbis]] | The libvorbis reference implementation provides both a standard encoder and decoder under a BSD l
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====== Google Scholar https://scholar.google.ro/ Provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly lite... onsortium http://www.oeconsortium.org/ This site provides a portal to search through hundreds of free cours
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.loc.gov/ammem/index.html The Library of Congress provides extensive multimedia offerings on various topics ... ional Archives https://www.archives.gov/education Provides primary source materials from NARA along with les
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versity https://developers.google.com/university/ Provides sample course content and tutorials for Computer ... utorial http://www.pyschools.com/ Python Learn - Provides materials to learn Python on your own http://www.
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r those users who like to use the Deepin-UI, snap provides a way for them to use the app on Ubuntu platform ... [[google>juju]] | Through the use of charms, juju provides you with shareable, re-usable, and repeatable exp
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ublic Domain | [[google>MinGW's runtime]] | which provides POSIX compatibility for Windows, is in the public
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| Multimedia, Utilities | Background service that provides individual Nuvola Apps with global shared resourc
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topics. Like the Discovery Channel, this network provides many opportunities for you to gain access to info
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raining/ The Financial Management Training Center provides several free downloadable business courses for pe
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