Do Something Videos - KarmaTube is a collection of inspiring videos accompanied by simple actions that every viewer can take. KarmaTube is dedicated to bringing inspirational stories to light, using the power of video and the internet to multiply acts of kindness, beauty, and generosity
  • How To Be At Home (2020/09/24 10:00)
    This tender animation on the theme of isolation reunites filmmaker Andrea Dorfman with poet Tanya Davis ten years after their first collaboration on the viral film "How To Be Alone." "How To Be At Home" speaks to what so many of us are going through these days with quarantines, lock-downs and stay-at-home orders. "Lean into loneliness—and know you’re not alone in it." And remember: we are connected. 
  • Mark and Doug: The Power of Friendship (2020/09/17 10:00)
    Mark Redding survived a devastating traumatic brain injury in an auto accident when he was in his early 20s. Almost 30 years later, Mark met Doug Kline through the PALS (Providing a Link for Survivors) program at Brain Injury Services, a program that enables clients and community volunteers to connect in a mutually enriching friendship to build skills and combat isolation through community integration. The two became instant "bros." In this video, Doug reflects on the beautiful friendship they shared together for 6 years.
  • Arts in Pelican Bay State Prison (2020/09/10 10:00)
    Dell’Arte’s Janessa Johnsrude & Zuzka Sabata, in partnership with the William James Association, founded the first theatre program offered at Pelican Bay State Prison in 2016 through Arts in Corrections. In this emotional film, the men explain how the program has changed them.
  • Of a Different Yarn (2020/09/03 10:00)
    Kelly Lim, a crochet artist from Singapore, takes the traditional craft with hook and yarn to new heights. Having learned to crochet when she was seven years old, her art extends from her Creatures, a series of soft sculptures, to large scale installations which add unexpected visual impact to urban spaces. Landscapes, which she launched in 2019, explores textures from nature. A visit to Japan inspired her to make art that people can touch. With the goal to change people's perspective on art, realizing that art is not only seen in galleries, she asserts that, "Every piece of work has a bit of my soul in it."
  • The Wayfinders - Why Ancient Wisdom Matters in a Modern World (2020/08/27 10:00)
    Wade Davis, anthropologist and passionate scholar of indigenous cultures that span the globe, shares the value of learning from these dynamic, living societies, as we face the challenges threatening the earth. He takes us on a journey to "the heart of the world" and asks the question, "What does it actually mean for a people to believe that the earth is resonant and alive and responsive to their desires and that they themselves have a reciprocal obligation to that landscape?"
  • The Phone Call (2020/08/20 10:00)
    In 1992 Auburn Sandstrom was 29, the mother of a three-year-old son, caught in an abusive marriage and an addict. One night she hit rock bottom. She was writhing in pain on the floor of her filthy apartment wrestling with withdrawal from a drug she had been addicted to for several years. In her hand, she gripped a ragged piece of paper with a phone number of a counselor her mother had mailed to her in a rare moment of connection. In total despair, Sandstrom called the number. It rang. A man answered.
  • The Church Forests of Ethiopia (2020/08/13 10:00)
    Over the past century, nearly all of Ethiopia’s native forests have been cleared for farming and grazing. Now it is up to the Orthodox Churches—who for centuries have safeguarded pockets of primary forest that grow around them—to preserve Ethiopia’s quickly shrinking biodiversity and teach people how to live with forests. 

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