Do Something Videos - KarmaTube is a collection of inspiring videos accompanied by simple actions that every viewer can take. KarmaTube is dedicated to bringing inspirational stories to light, using the power of video and the internet to multiply acts of kindness, beauty, and generosity
  • Advice from 100 Year-Olds (2020/07/02 10:00)
    Three centenarians were asked the secret of their longevity. With simple grace and wisdom they give us an insight into the optimism and humor that sustain them. as they each share what is most important to them. They exemplify the value of listening to and learning from the lessons of one's own life as they remind us to "keep right on to the end of the road".
  • People Helped You, Whether You Knew It or Not (2020/06/25 10:00)
    In 1964, William "Lynn" Weaver,  joined 13 other black students in the integration of an all white high school in Tennessee. From the first day he was told he did not belong and he started to believe it until Mr. Hill, his former seventh grade science teacher, started tutoring him outside of school. Some of his other former teachers joined in this effort. Years later he discovered that Mr. Hill was responsible for applying for a college scholarship on his behalf. Dr. Weaver, who died in May 2019, was Chief of Surgery at a hospital in North Carolina. In this StoryCorps interview, he credits Mr. Hill's unknown act of kindness with saving his life.
  • Lonnie Holley: The Man Is the Music (2020/06/18 10:00)
    Prolific artist, musician and lover of Mother Earth, Lonnie Holley treasures the discarded and nurtures the neglected, finding healing in the transformative power of art. This short documentary is not so much a portrait of the prolific artist and musician, as an experiential reflection on art as a way of life. Atlanta-based Holley’s work is a product of the environment in which he was raised —Jim Crow Alabama—and reflects the impact of being socially discarded. Holley compulsively creates and his work is a means to deal with loss. It’s through his unique perspective and the process of creating beauty that Lonnie draws us into an imaginative and captivating world.
  • Yoga in Juvenile Detention (2020/06/11 10:00)
    Leslie Booker teaches yoga and meditation to youth in detention facilities in New York City through the Lineage Project. The youth at Horizon Juvenile Detention Center have been convicted for a range of offenses, some quite serious and violent. But as Booker points out, they are 13, 14, 15 years old -- little more than children -- and many of them have grown up in extremely trying circumstances. Before Booker introduced the teens to the practice of meditation, aggression and withdrawal seemed to be among their only options for managing the insurmountable stress of life both at home and in the detention facility. With this program, the youth experience relief, if even for an hour, and learn skills to make better decisions in their lives.
  • Educate the Heart (2020/06/04 10:00)
    Poet and author Shane Koyczan narrates this poignant short video from the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education on the importance of educating children's hearts as well as their minds. While children need knowledge to prepare them for life, those who love and care for them must also educate their hearts. Teaching compassion, acceptance, tolerance and respect are needed along with knowledge to adequately prepare children for the world.
  • King of the Island (2020/05/28 10:00)
    Dreams don't always turn out like we envision. It takes real courage to let go of those cloudy visions and embrace what we find in the light of day. This is a wonderful story about how to use our dreams like stars to travel by while still keeping our hearts open to life as it is.
  • Contact with the Sacred (2020/05/21 10:00)
    With spectacular visual images, this film reminds us of the necessity of connecting with the sacred in everyday life. It honors the sacred through sensory feelings of connection, with both the vast expanses such as mountain tops and waterfalls, and with the single dandelion sending its seeds into the future. This connection is further enhanced by the peaceful music that accompanies the images, providing a total experience of having touched the sacred.

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