Do Something Videos - KarmaTube is a collection of inspiring videos accompanied by simple actions that every viewer can take. KarmaTube is dedicated to bringing inspirational stories to light, using the power of video and the internet to multiply acts of kindness, beauty, and generosity
  • Happiness Family Farm (2021/11/25 10:00)
    Happiness Family Farm is a Black-owned CSA farm in Portland, Oregon. Rosata, her husband, Prosper, and son, Japhety, work year-round to harvest fresh fruits and vegetables for the local community. They feature a unique assortment of vegetables from all over the world, bringing a taste of home to many in their community.
  • Water is Life - Music Video (2021/11/18 10:00)
    With depleted ground water sources, unclean rivers and streams, and dwindling springs, we are all having to get back to basics and honor just how precious water is. We cannot take her for granted anymore. This song/music video performed by Lyla June is based on a conversation with Mescalero Apache elder Oliver R Enjady in southern New Mexico, who gives us this message on how to re-understand water.
  • The Power of Inside-Out Congruency (2021/11/11 10:00)
    Change your pants. Change your life. Change your pants. Save your life. Find out why being intentional about showing up in the world congruent with "who you are" in this world can do both. In this moving and highly personal talk, Stasia shares how her daughter taught her the importance of radically embracing who you are and who you want to be. She now helps other women fully embrace both in order to "dress for confidence and joy".
  • We Are All Human (2021/11/04 09:00)
    The filmmaker of this video shares a transformative moment with a person experiencing homelessness: Walking along a busy street in Edinburgh, my eye caught a sign resting at the feet of a man sitting on the pavement outside a posh hotel. It simply read, 'I am a human being.' It stopped me dead in my tracks. Kneeling down to take a closer look, I struck up a conversation with Sparky. And what started as a quick chat, turned into a few hours together, while Sparky shared his story with us. We need to remember that every person, regardless of their situation, is a human being with dignity, with a name, a story, a family and a history – like all of us. We're all human.
  • A School for Refugees, by Refugees (2021/10/28 10:00)
    Refugees who have fled their native lands in search of a place to live safely and to be treated as human beings often find themselves stuck for several years in an environment which can be unwelcoming and even hostile. A group of refugees in Indonesia established a school so that their children could learn basic education while being offered a chance at normalcy through social interaction. Children and adults are helped to overcome language barriers and prepare for a future in which they can find a sense of belonging and accomplishment.
  • A Better Place - Playing for Change (2021/10/21 10:00)
    Musicians from around the world come together in song to speak up for equality and social justice. Whether they are performing from backyards, city street corners, by the oceanside, or in a park, they all give voice to the rights of people everywhere to live in freedom, dignity and peace. "If you feel it, through the music, we can make this world a better place."
  • The Art of Engagement (2021/10/14 10:00)
    Alice Fox manages a plot of land that provides her with food for her body, materials for her art, and sustenance for her spirit. Sustainability underpins all of her work. She looks closely at everything she finds on this plot of land, engaging with it, finding ways to utilize it or at the very least to appreciate it. By noticing the detail in everything she discerns the possibilities it offers. This personal engagement with her surroundings and the art she creates from them are a celebration of the natural world in which she finds herself.

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