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Electrical Engineering Apps

Category Software Title Description
Electrical Qucs Quite Universal Circuit Simulator
Electrical FidoCadJ a free graphical editor for (more than) electronics
Electrical Electric electrical CAD system
Electrical Oregano tool for schematical capture of electronic circuits
Electrical Ngspice mixed-level/mixed-signal circuit simulator
Electrical SCRAM Probabilistic Risk Analysis Tool
Electrical XCircuit Draw circuit schematics or almost anything
Electrical KTechlab circuit simulator for microcontrollers and electronics
Electrical KSimus KDE tool for simulating electrical circuits
Electrical Kicad Electronic schematic and PCB design software
Electrical PCB printed circuit board (pcb) design program - meta-package
Electrical ViPEC Network analyzer for electrical networks
Electrical EasySpice A graphical frontend to the Spice simulator
Electrical Gwave a waveform viewer eg for spice simulators
Electrical DrawTiming tool for documenting hardware designs through timing diagrams
Electrical linSmith tool to generate Smith Charts
Electrical Transcalc microwave and RF transmission line calculator

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