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joinup - Share and reuse Interoperability solutions for public administrations, businesses and citizens

Collections are the main collaborative space where the content items are organised around a common topic or domain and where the users can share their content and engage their community.

  1. Access to Base Registries
  2. eParticipation and eVoting
  3. EUPL
  4. ICT Standards for Procurement
  5. ARE3NA
  6. National Interoperability Framework Observatory (NIFO)
  7. Joinup
  8. Semantic Interoperability Community (SEMIC)
  9. OpenEuropa
  10. IMAPS (Interoperability Maturity Assessment of a Public Service)
  11. Cartography
  12. Labour Market Interoperability
  13. AGESIC - Uruguay
  14. Tallinn Ministerial Declaration
  15. Web Accessibility Directive implementation
  16. Rolling Plan on ICT standardisation
  17. Gamification
  18. Grupul pentru educatie digitala - Digital Education Group
  19. NethServer: Linux Distribution for Small and Medium Enterprises and Educational Institutes
  20. IFDM - Integrated Fisheries Data Management
  21. ISA Action 2016.12 - Semantic interoperability for representation powers and mandates
  22. Open PM² Project Management Methodology
  23. Ajuntament de Barcelona | Barcelona City Council
  24. Sharing and Reuse of IT solutions
  25. eIdentity and eSignature
  26. Eurostat
  27. Politics
  28. Content and knowledge management
  29. Air and space transport
  30. Transport
  31. Banking and financial services
  32. Authorisation and authentication
  33. gvSIG
  34. Trade
  35. Justice, Law and Security
  36. Energy
  37. Geographic information system (GIS) software
  38. Industry and production
  39. Big Data and Open Knowledge for Public Administrations
  40. Environment
  41. Science and technology
  42. Education, culture and sport
  43. Statistics
  44. Business and competition

A solution on Joinup is a framework, tool, or service either hosted directly on Joinup or federated from third-party repositories.

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