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ed.edu.ro_2018-04-25/2018-03-31/2018-03-24/htdocs/sites/default/files/Cadru normativ/IMI Regulation 1024-... ed.edu.ro_2018-04-25/2018-03-31/2018-03-24/htdocs/sites/default/files/Cadru normativ/Legislatie europeana... ed.edu.ro_2018-04-25/2018-03-31/2018-03-24/htdocs/sites/default/files/Cadru normativ/Legislatie europeana... ed.edu.ro_2018-04-25/2018-03-31/2018-03-24/htdocs/sites/default/files/Cadru normativ/CNRED/1999_-_om_3422
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ernet, which is made up of useful and interesting sites. An additional benefit is the decrease of online time spent searching for quality sites (or software), which translates into lower costs paid to the telephone operator. Quality sites perform a dual function, providing useful service... es that will eventually stimulate people to build sites as well. Pages are checked periodically with the
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ines]] (EN) - Hundreds of links to Google CSE web sites in all areas of interest. Find search engines tha... your topic for better search results. [[https://sites.google.com/site/beginnersearch/|Linux Beginner Se... m search engine tailored to search specific Linux sites and URLs only. [[https://www.tromsite.com/goodie
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informare al pieţei interne. ((https://www.edu.ro/sites/default/files/_fi%C8%99iere/Minister/2016/Transpa... nclusiv prin utilizarea TIC. ((https://www.edu.ro/sites/default/files/_fi%C8%99iere/Minister/2016/Transpa... velul fiecărei universități. ((https://www.edu.ro/sites/default/files/_fi%C8%99iere/Minister/2016/Transpa
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ng]] - [[https://www.coursesites.com/webapps/Bb-sites-course-creation-BBLEARN/pages/index.html|Course Sites]] - [[https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Wikiversit
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:fisa_cnatdcu|fișa CNATDCU]] ((https://www.edu.ro/sites/default/files/Comisia%2010%20COMISIA%20DE%20INGIN... articole_brevete-2017.xlsx)) ((https://www.edu.ro/sites/default/files/anexa%20ordin%206.129_2016%20standa
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ake browsing better for you. Get to your favorite sites quickly – even if you don’t remember the URLs. Ty... le matches from your browsing history, bookmarked sites and open tabs. | | probono | [[google>Firefox_Dev
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tivitateingineresca_curs_08.pdf}} Sursa: https://sites.google.com/site/universulstiintei2/creativitatein
Concursul "Idei ştiinţifice inovative"   1 Accese
a]] | http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/horizon2020/sites/horizon2020/files/H2020_RO_KI0213413RON.pdf [<>]
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scrierea_unei_inventii_2009.pdf}} Sursa: https://sites.google.com/site/universulstiintei2/creativitatein
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>aplicatii:plan_de_afaceri.pdf}} Sursa: https://sites.google.com/site/universulstiintei2/creativitatein
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to-competition_ro https://ec.europa.eu/education/sites/education/files/201710-study-europe-competition-t
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9 (ora României) - https://ec.europa.eu/education/sites/education/files/201710-study-europe-competition-t
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/gydl|Gydl]] | Multimedia | Download content from sites like YouTube | | flathub | io.github.Hexchat | [[
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Gândirea creatoare și stimularea creativității   1 Accese
Inovarea şi dezvoltarea proprietăţii intelectuale   1 Accese
Societatea și economia cunoașterii, inovarea   1 Accese
Proprietatea intelectuală   1 Accese
Protecţia dreptului de autor şi a drepturilor de proprietate industrială   1 Accese
Strategia dezvoltării unei companii inovatoare   1 Accese
Transmiterea drepturilor de autor şi a drepturilor conexe   1 Accese
Transmiterea drepturilor de proprietate industrială   1 Accese
Valorificarea creativității și inovării   1 Accese
Domeniul inventicii și procesul inovării   1 Accese