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net {{rss>http://roscidus.com/0mirror//news-feed.xml 100 description date 1d}} ===== Main Feed ===== ... me (CLR) | http://0install.bartbes.com/clojureclr.xml | | Any | [[google>clojure]] | Clojure is a dynam... ual Machine | http://0install.bartbes.com/clojure.xml | | Any | [[google>cloo]] | Cloo is an open sourc... nCL framework. | http://0install.bartbes.com/cloo.xml | | Any | [[google>desk]] | A lightweight workspa
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/search.php {{rss>http://distrowatch.com/news/dw.xml 100 description date 1d}} ===== Headlines ===== ... arch {{rss>https://distrowatch.com/news/headline.xml 100 description date 1d}} ===== Packages ===== ... e releases {{rss>http://distrowatch.com/news/dwp.xml 100 description date 1d}} > Packages Tracked by ... n releases {{rss>http://distrowatch.com/news/dwd.xml 100 description date 1d}} > Search Distributions
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> <panel type="success" title="application/xhtml+xml">http://v1.syndication.nhschoices.nhs.uk/bth.xhtm... /panel> <panel type="warning" title="application/xml">http://v1.syndication.nhschoices.nhs.uk/bth.xml?apikey=FNHMENGR</panel> | http://v1.syndication.nhs
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> <panel type="success" title="application/xhtml+xml">http://v1.syndication.nhschoices.nhs.uk/planners... /panel> <panel type="warning" title="application/xml">http://v1.syndication.nhschoices.nhs.uk/planners.xml?apikey=FNHMENGR</panel> | http://v1.syndication
Formatting Syntax   3 Accese
isualprolog, whitespace, winbatch, whois, xbasic, xml, xorg_conf, xpp, yaml, z80, zxbasic// ==== Downl... === [[DokuWiki]] can integrate data from external XML feeds. For parsing the XML feeds, [[http://simplepie.org/|SimplePie]] is used. All formats understood
Open Weather Map   3 Accese
0 weather stations Data is available in JSON, XML, or HTML format Available for Free and all ot... ery 3 hours Forecast is available in JSON and XML Available for Free and all other paid account... ily weather Forecast is available in JSON and XML Available for all paid accounts ===== Histor
NHS Topics: Services   3 Accese
> <panel type="success" title="application/xhtml+xml">http://v1.syndication.nhschoices.nhs.uk/services... /panel> <panel type="warning" title="application/xml">http://v1.syndication.nhschoices.nhs.uk/services.xml?apikey=FNHMENGR</panel> | http://v1.syndication
NHS Topics: Common Health Questions   3 Accese
> <panel type="success" title="application/xhtml+xml">http://v1.syndication.nhschoices.nhs.uk/chq.xhtm... /panel> <panel type="warning" title="application/xml">http://v1.syndication.nhschoices.nhs.uk/chq.xml?apikey=FNHMENGR</panel> | http://v1.syndication.nhs
NHS Topics: Guides   3 Accese
> <panel type="success" title="application/xhtml+xml">http://v1.syndication.nhschoices.nhs.uk/guides.x... /panel> <panel type="warning" title="application/xml">http://v1.syndication.nhschoices.nhs.uk/guides.xml?apikey=FNHMENGR</panel> | http://v1.syndication.
NHS Topics: Health A-Z   3 Accese
> <panel type="success" title="application/xhtml+xml">http://v1.syndication.nhschoices.nhs.uk/conditio... /panel> <panel type="warning" title="application/xml">http://v1.syndication.nhschoices.nhs.uk/conditions.xml?apikey=FNHMENGR</panel> | http://v1.syndication
NHS Topics: Live Well   3 Accese
> <panel type="success" title="application/xhtml+xml">http://v1.syndication.nhschoices.nhs.uk/livewell... /panel> <panel type="warning" title="application/xml">http://v1.syndication.nhschoices.nhs.uk/livewell.xml?apikey=FNHMENGR</panel> | http://v1.syndication
NHS Topics: Organisations   3 Accese
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DEB packages for Education   2 Accese
simulare și rezultatele simulării într-un format XML. În plus, modelele SBML pot fi importate și expor... greze noi forme prin scrierea unor simple fișiere XML, folosind un subșir SVG pentru a desena forma. |
Fluke   2 Accese
www.tdworld.com {{rss>http://www.tdworld.com/rss.xml 100 description date 1d}} ===== Plant Services ... //www.ecmweb.com {{rss>http://www.ecmweb.com/rss.xml 100 description date 1d}} ===== Automation =====
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The Abstruse Goose   1 Accese
Buttersafe   1 Accese
Existential Comics   1 Accese
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xkcd.com   1 Accese
Computers, Software, & Programming   1 Accese
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